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ICS 12" Force3 Brick Chainsaw Chain 584297

SKU: 584297

Force3 Abrasive 12" chainsaw chain optimized for softer materials, this chain has larger diamond segments for longer life. It is the best chain for cutting brick, block or abrasive stone.

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FORCE3® Brick

  • Segments designed for general use
  • Laser-welded to patented chain chassis
  • Contains patented SealPRO® O-ring technology for longer life
  • Available for all ICS GC petrol powered saws
  • Segment types for general and specialty applications

Proper Chain Tension is very important. Rule of thumb is a diamond chain can be pulled freely around the guide bar by hand easily without binding. Proper chain tension should allow drive links to hang below bar. Click here for full ICS Chain Tension Tip Sheet.

For the straightest cuts use the Step Cut Method. Score the line first about 1/2" deep next deepen the cut about 2" then plunge all the way through and complete the cut. Plunge cutting generally results in a straighter start. If the cut does not start straight, it will not finish straight. When cutting heavy rebar, slowly rock the saw over the rebar, maintaining gray slurry water, so that you're always cutting concrete as well as steel. This will help keep diamonds exposed, expect less chain life when cutting heavy rebar.

If cuts are consistently crooked, turn the guide bar over and use the other side. Note: normal life of a guide bar is 2-3 chains. Heavy rebar can shorten bar life. With new chains it may be necessary to open up the diamonds, do this by making a few cuts into an abrasive material such as cinder block. Opening the diamonds will increase cutting speed.

All Force3 Diamond Chains contain patented SealPRO® anti-stretch technology which reduces wear and extends chain life by sealing out the abrasive slurry that leads to chain stretch. Designed to be used with the full line of ICS gas power cutters, these chains offer the ultimate combination of both versatility and affordability. Available in three configurations to match your specific application and cutting challenges.




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