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ICS 680ES Gas Chainsaw Bar and Chain Package

SKU: 12-576155

ICS 680ES bar and chain package handles the Force3 line of bars and chains, built to meet the operation and demands of general construction.  Easy to start with a new lever to control choke, run and stop functions, available with 12" and 14" concrete bar and chains or 10" PowerGrit chain for Ductile Pipe.

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Ace Cutting has this saw prepped before shipping.  We do our best to adjust carburetor to meet location / elevation being shipped.  This assures us to see defects or problems before shipping.  Our technicians run the saw, empty the fuel and fit back to original packaging.


Features & Benefits

  • Operates FORCE3™ diamond chain up to 14” 
  • Requires 20 PSI pressurized water - standard garden hose connection.
  • Polyester air filter designed specifically for wet cutting
  • Multi-function lever controls choke, throttle advance, run and stop modes
  • Deep cutting solution for obstructed or small openings
  • Cut squares as small as 4” x 4” 
  • Easy-to-start in all weather

Proper Chain Tension is very important.  Rule of thumb is a diamond chain can be pulled freely around the guide bar by hand easily without binding.  Proper chain tension should allow drive links to hang below bar.  Click here for full ICS Chain Tension Tip Sheet.

For the straightest cuts use the Step Cut Method.  Score the line first about 1/2" deep next deepen the cut about 2" then plunge all the way through and complete the cut.  Plunge cutting generally results in a straighter start.  If the cut does not start straight, it will not finish straight.  When cutting heavy rebar, slowly rock the saw over the rebar, maintaining gray slurry water, so that you're always cutting concrete as well as steel.  This will help keep diamonds exposed, expect less chain life when cutting heavy rebar.  

If cuts are consistently crooked, turn the guide bar over and use the other side.  Note: normal life of a guide bar is 2-3 chains.  Heavy rebar can shorten bar life.  With new chains it may be necessary to open up the diamonds, do this by making a few cuts into an abrasive material such as cinder block.  Opening the diamonds will increase cutting speed.

 Chains measure .220" wide, pre-cutting with a .235" blade will allow the chainsaw to cut freely without any premature wear on side clearance of chain.  Important in keeping your saw cut straight by scoring the cut first.  This also helps in blade life by using a standard pre-cut diamond blade with cut-off saw.  Pre-Cutting is most commonly achieved with gas K970-14" or K970-16" or hydraulic K2500-16" combined with the HI Series Elite-Cut diamond blade.  

Ace Cutting recommends the ICS 680ES chainsaw for general contractors who needs to cut through concrete 7-14" deep.  If using this saw everyday or each week, we suggest the Pro Series ICS 695XL model geared for heavy use and higher production rates. 


  • The ICS 680ES package comes with the powerhead, bar and a Force3 diamond chain. ICS offers the power and durability for cutting through concrete, stone and masonry with square corners and narrow, deep cuts of up to 14 in. Choose between 12- and 14-inch bars.
  • Weighing just 21 pounds and requiring about 20 psi of water pressure to operate, you can utilize this handheld chainsaw in vertical or horizontal positions. This tool is ideal for cutting window and door openings, as well as duct and pipe slots.
  • The 680ES has placed an added emphasis on quick, problem-free starting. Altitude-friendly carburetor improves starting and maximizes power at any elevation, while a better decompression valve, a large-diameter rope and improved recoil spring engagement all work to improve the consistency of dependable starts.


Engine type2-stroke, Air-cooled
Displacement76.5 cc
Horsepower5 hp @ 9,500 rpm
Torque4.1 Nm (36. in-lbs) @ 6,500 rpm
Weight21 lbs powerhead only
Dimensions LxWxH18" x 11.5" x 10"
Starter Recoil, dust and water resistant
IgnitionSpecial water resistant electronic
Fuel ratio50:1 gasoline-to-oil
Fuel capacity.23 gallons
Water supply requirementMinimum 20 psi
Water flow requirement1 gpm




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Ace Cutting has this saw prepped before shipping.  We try our best to adjust carburetor to meet location / elevation being shipped.  This assures us to see defects or problems before shipping.  Our technicians run the saw, empty the fuel and fit back into original packaging.