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FS7000D Husqvarna 3-Speed Diesel Concrete Saw

SKU: 967207925

Husqvarna FS7000 diesel walk behind saw with 3-speed gearbox for ideal RPM with each blade, ability to cut 17.5" deep.  Tier 4 compliant engine meets current EPA regulations along with digital display dashboard featuring all important functions and easy to monitor.  

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  • Large jobs such as airports, highways, larger service work, and other applications where production is a priority.
  • Mid-size jobs that require high production rates.


  • Tier 4 compliant engine meets current EPA regulations.
  • Power transmission system transmits more power to the bladeshaft with optimum torque.
  • 3-Speed, right-angle gearbox models enable different blade sizes to run at their optimal performance level without changing pulleys or belts.
  • Digital display dashboard features all important functions and is easy to monitor.
  • E-track system option has an integrated reset function in the display making it easier to produce a straight cut.
  • Heavy-duty blade shaft to handle large blades.
  • 5-pin blade flanges with standard single pin featuring LOU pin pattern.


E-tracking is an excellent feature offered only by Husqvarna on their diesel saws.  Through built-in computer on control panel, operator has a gauge working off center point.  The saw is always going to pull in the path of least resistance, either left or right.  E-tracking allows you to counter act the pull for an effortless, straight cut.


 Max blade diameter, in 26" 30" 36" 42"
Max depth of cut, inches 10-1/2" 12-1/2" 15" 17-1/2"
Average bladeshaft, RPM 3,100/2,170/1,860 2,680/1,880/1,600 2,300/1,620/1,360 1,960/1,380/1,180

Blade range, inches

14"/18"/26" 18"/26"/30" 20"/30"/36" 30"/36"/42"
Blade flanges, inches 5" 5" 6" 7"
Max weight uncrated, lbs 2,146 2,155 2,168 2,307


Engine SpecificationsDeutz C4D155.4
Maximum power, HP (kW)74 (55)
Power at bladeshaft, HP (kW)66 (48)
Arbor size, in (mm)1" (25)
Bladeshaft diameter, in (mm)2" (51)
Cylinders / Cycle4/4
Fuel Capacity, gal (l)10.6 (40)
Air FilterDual element radial seal with rain hood
Starter Electric
Engine CoolingLiquid / Air
Axle front / rear, in (mm)1" (25)
Wheels front, in (mm)8" x 3" (203 x 76)
Wheels rear, in (mm)10" x 3" (254 x 76)
Blade guard typeSlip-on
Number of belts16 (Set of 4, banded belts)
Blade depth controlElectrohydraulic Pump
Dimensions uncrated, pointer
and blade guard up, handles in, L x W x H
67" x 38" x 57"
Displacement, cu in (l)178 (2.92)
Bore / Stroke, in (mm)3.6 / 4.3 (91/109)
Oil Capacity, qt (l)9 (8.5)
Handlebar adjustmentVariable Position
Transmission TypeBalanced dual motor hydrostatic drive
Transmission speeds, fpm0-300
Electric tracking (optional)Electric switch operated