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Husqvarna Vari-Grind EZ T-REX Classic Series 3-Pack

SKU: 598886501

EZchange™ tool system featuring double PCD (polycrystalline diamond)
claws with or without protective segment. This advanced design enables
efficient removal of soft contaminants such as glue. While effectively
eliminating unwanted residues, it leaves behind a moderately to highly
scratched surface. This system is ideal for most commonly seen
contaminant removal applications. Suitable for moderate professional
tasks, making it a valuable tool for daily use at Silver level.

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    VARI-GRIND EZ T-REX Classic: Glue, leveling compound, paint, epoxy coating, and tile screed removal. Excellent performance for all kinds of hard to remove coatings. Optimal for thick epoxy and vinyl glues 1-3mm.