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Metabo 7" Floor Prep Grinder Kit

SKU: 06467-94135

Metabo 7" floor-prep grinder kit. Industrial grade grinder made to run all day delivering smooth reliable power to the end user. High quality dust shroud gathers grinding dust while offering good visibility and the ability to grind flush to walls. Loop handle places pressure over the center of the grinding cup for consistent, swirl-free finishes. Multiple styles of diamond cup wheels available depending on your application and desired finish. Grinder comes fully assembled and tested.

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Metabo 7" Floor Prep Grinder Kit
  • Metabo W 24-230 MVT Grinder
  • Convertible dust shroud with ability to get flush to walls
  • Premium loop handle increases even pressure and reduces swirl marks
  • Operates on 15amp 110v circuits
  • 2" vacuum port


  • 12 Segment Turbo Cup Wheel: Fast removal of concrete
  • 24 Segment Turbo Cup Wheel: Smoothing and finishing
  • 10 Segment Arrow Cup Wheel: Fast removal of coatings and glue/mastic