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Sometimes – with some suppliers out there – it can feel like a challenge finding tools that last at an affordable price (you can relax here, since obviously this the safe place for quality at reasonable prices). Still, you hear the stories others have gone through before finding us.

According to Paul, Project Manager & Estimator for a concrete contracting business that spans several western states, the bigger a concrete contractor business grows, the quicker it can burn through tools.

“We own some, lease some and rent here and there,” Paul said. “Yes, we go through tools quickly, depending on the brand and quality. You do seem to get what you pay for.”

Makita offers a three-part solution to save you money and deliver a high-quality product with its 70-lb. demolition hammer, the Makita HM1812 X3:

  • It’s reasonably priced (and even easier financed here).
  • It’s designed and manufactured well and built to last, with features like its “Soft No-load” function, which automatically reduces the motor speed when not in use to extend tool life.
  • It saves you time, hassle and fatigue; The high-tech features of the Makita HM1812 X3 result in lower noise, as well as lower vibration. Then there’s the ZERO HASSLE with an air hose or compressor aspect.

The advanced breaker hammer is engineered to hit like a pneumatic breaker hammer but runs on an electric motor. It delivers up to 870 Blows Per Minute (BPM) with 53.9 ft.-lbs. of impact power. In other words, this tool matches up to most pneumatic hammers.

In addition to features that extend tool life, such as the automatic brush cut-off that protects the commutator from damage, this tool saves you time and aims to help your day go a little smoother.

The Makita HM1812 X3 features an L.E.D. service light, which notifies the user approximately 8 hours before the brushes need to be replaced.  The recessed lifting handles and included transport cart add even more convenience.

It accepts 1-1/8” hex concrete breaker hammer bits. At the same time that this tool does big work, it’s AVT feature (that’s “Advanced Vibration Technology”) –  combined with an internal counterbalance system and rubberized, fixed handles –  reduces the vibration level to as little as 6.5 m/s2.

It lets you destroy concrete while keeping you more accurate, comfortable and less fatigued.  Add all of this together, and this Makita 70 -lb. demo saw might even surpass most air hammers.

This tool doesn’t bounce all over when properly used, delivers the power and saves you from having to lug around the air compressor and hose. You can save yourself some time, grind and more than a few dimes with this one.

You can learn more about the Makita HM1812 X3 here.