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A few years ago, Mike Musto, U.S. Pavement Services CEO, issued a challenge to U.S. businesses that employ 50 or more individuals to employ a minimum of one veteran.  Musto also called on Congress to revive an expired tax incentive that rewards companies for hiring veterans.

At the time, Veterans Day was near.  Just the same, as we enjoyed the recent Fourth of July celebration, hopefully the majority of us also considered our military veterans who’ve fought to maintain our nation’s independence – many of whom join the construction trades after service.

Perhaps the person next to you at the jobsite handling that concrete cutting saw, concrete drill, core drill or other concrete or masonry equipment is a military vet.

As Musto had once pointed out, the best way that we may say thank you to veterans is by making sure that they have a job.

“Veterans aren't looking for hand-outs or special favors.  This is particularly the case for all those veterans returning from duty and reintegrating into the community,” Musto said.  “They simply need the chance to earn a living and support their families.”

The unemployment rate for all veterans combined – including those from wars going back to WWII (and now retired) –  was on par with the general population in 2017. However, unemployment is still higher among veterans who served in the 2nd Gulf War or after.

The unemployment rate of veterans who served on active duty from the U.S. Armed forces since September 2001 is 4.5 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Compare that to the general unemployment rate in the U.S. – 3.8 percent.

Musto established the U.S. Pavement Services “Pledge to Hire A Veteran” program in 2012.  The program has paved the way for businesses to recruit and hire veterans, created career paths and fostered growth for vets.  The program has also served as a general resource for this extremely skilled but under employed demographic.

“Veterans bring a wealth of valuable experience and discipline to the workplace,” Musto said of his motivation.  “They’re an asset to my business and would be to any company.”
Musto also called on Congress to support the Expire Act of 2014, which includes a provision for granting tax credits to companies that hire military vets.

“If we may give tax credits for Hollywood filmmakers, we ought to be capable of giving tax breaks to businesses that hire individuals who go into harm's way to defend our country,” said Musto.

Well said, Mr. Musto.

If you want the best concrete equipment and masonry equipment on the market, has you covered.  For skilled, reliable and loyal labor, look to your local military veterans re-entering the concrete masonry workforce.