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If you ask the average concrete contractor what one of the worst parts of the job is, many will tell you, “tying rebar.”  It’s time consuming and a little monotonous because it takes so long on one task. Worst of all, tying rebar by hand requires extended periods of time bent over using both hands.

According to one concrete contractor, rebar tying is “backbreaking…the hardest part of the job.”

In service of concrete workers everywhere, Ace Supply & Equipment presents the solution: the MAX RB655 Rebar Tier.

Before we get into the details, here’s what a concrete foreman working on an overpass project in Texas has say to say about it:

“It’s faster and requires less men [than] hand tying.  It’s easy [to use and] easy on the back.”


The steps for using this concrete tool for tying rebar are simple:

  1. Load wire.
  2. Flip the power switch to “start” and make sure the safety switch is on “unlock.”
  3. Place open jaw of tool over rebar to be tied, pull trigger.

Only one hand and arm are needed to operate the MAX RB655 Rebar Tier, so once you have the rebar generally supported and close you can simply bend knees slightly, reach down, pull the trigger and walk on to the next one or area!

This MAX tool has a tying speed of just 0.8-1.1 seconds per tie. That’s right: this tool can accomplish a speed of under a second per tie.  But how many wraps per tie? The RB655 completes 3 full wraps per tie.  Yes, it’s still efficient in its conservation of material costs, as in: it gets 120-230 ties per coil, depending on type of wire and size or rebar.

The MAX RB655 can handle rebar up to #9 x #8, and it can be used with three different types of wire:

  • TW 1525 Regular Steel Wire
  • TW 1525-EG Electro Galvanized Wire
  • TW 1525-PC Polyester Coated Wire

The weight of the tool is only 7.2 pounds. It’s light in weight and compact in dimensions, which means that – in addition to less wear and tear on the body – the RB655 allows you to hold rebar while tying, reducing even the initial set-up and supporting of your rebar grid.

The jaws of the tool even have a self-locker, so if you don’t get down all the way on the rebar it won’t get a bunch of wire caught or jam.  It also comes with two batteries, though you can get up to three spools of wire secured on one battery.

It also comes with a charger, case, holster and instructional video – in both English and Spanish. You can learn more about this concrete tool here.