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Soff Cut FLX Thin Ultra-Early Entry Husqvarna Diamond Blade Series

SKU: 542757453

Soff-Cut FLX Thin blades are designed for certain job specifications.  Select from each of the color series and blade size offered by Husqvarna Soff-Cut.  

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Ultra Early Entry Saw Blades

  • Use when thin cuts are specified.
  • Features raised hub core on 12" blades for more stability
  • 10" blades made for Soff-Cut 2000/2500
  • 12" blades made for Soff-Cut 4000/4200
  • Blade comes with skid plate which should be replaced with each new blade





Blade Break-in Instruction

Operate saw at half of the normal forward speed for approximately 100 lineal feet.  This will allow the blade to open up so that the blade will remain cool cut faster and promote full blade life.  

The Soff-Cut System

Soff-Cut is the only Ultra Early Entry dry-cutting system which controls random cracking.  This cutting technology is based on the up-cutting rotation of the Soff-Cut blade and spring loaded skid plate.  The blade and skid plate along with the patented blade block keeps pressure applied at the surface, which prevents chipping and spalling, ensuring a smooth cut.

The Green Zone

The Green Zone is the window of opportunity to place control joints as soon as 0-2 hours after finishing and before final set, depending on weather conditions.  The blades and saw system work most efficiently when used in the Green Zone; damage to the blade and saw can occur if cutting is performed when concrete is too cured.  

Diamond Blades

Our patented diamond blades are color coded and feature a unique triangular shaped safety arbor that fits precisely on the saw arbor.  Each blade is designed to work specifically with the Soff-Cut system, the only true patented Ultra Early Entry system.  Use of after market brands of blades, with imitator arbors, can damage your saw and lead to poor quality of the cut.  A patented anti-ravel skid plate comes with each blade.