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PG830S Husqvarna Floor Grinder

SKU: 967977702

PG 830S is a single motor version of the largest floor grinder size in the Husqvarna PG-range.  Great choice for most grinding jobs, easy to use with large capacity thanks to 32" grinding width.  Key components sealed against dust and slurry for maximized reliability and low maintenance.

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  • PG 830 S grinder focus on core grinding performance, single motor version of the largest floor grinder size in the Husqvarna PG-range
  • Three grinding discs offering total grinding width of 32" and powerful 15 hp motor
  • Performs all types of applications such as concrete grinding, coatings removal, concrete repair and polishing.
  • Adjustable grinding pressure.  Optional weights allow to adjust grinding pressure in three pre-set positions.  Also makes tilting machine back much easier.


  • Sealed grinding head with 1,000 hours service interval.  No dust or water can intrude to damage components.  
  • Enhanced Dual Drive Technology has now even higher disc speed capabilities.  It enables you to individually control the speed and direction of the disc rotation and the speed and direction of the grinding head.
  • Re-designed Dual Drive Technology transmission, fully sealed against dust.  Self lubricating chain.
  • Versatile and powerful floor grinder but still compact enough to pass through a standard door.


Rated input power, hp15
Power Supply3-phase
Grinding width, inch31.5"
Grinding disc, inch3 x 10.5"
Grinding pressure total, lbs524
Grinding pressure w/ weights, lbs430-657
Grinding disc speed, rpm421-1403
Direction of rotation, from aboveCounter-Roatation
Transport dims, inch61 x 32.7 x 45.1
Weight, lbs1096
Option: Integrated WeightsYes