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R422 MBW Rammer

SKU: 422H

MBW works continuously to lower maintenance and extend life expectations of its rammers. MBW rammers feature the industry's only percussion system completely free of high friction/heat/wear metal-on-metal reciprocating wear surfaces.

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  • Elevated bellows placement for trench applications
  • Patented polyethylene slide bearings provide minimal internal wear
  • 11" ductile cast iron tamping shoe

The 422 Rammer is ideally suited for the compaction of granular, mixed and cohesive soils in confined areas. A mainstay in contractor and municipal fleets, the 422 & 442 offer highly productive percussion rammers at 145 up to 154 lbs. (66-68 kg). The contoured fuel tank provides the largest fuel capacity in its class and effectively baffles engine noise. Power is supplied by Honda engines. Model 442 delivers approximately 25% more compaction force and is recommended for heavy clay soils. Available with a choice of two engines...Honda GX100, Honda GX100 with over-sized air filter or Honda GXR120


Shoe size11" x 13"
Engine optionGX100 / GXR120 / GX100 with over-sized air filter
Travel speedUp to 55 ft/min
Compaction depthUp to 18" 
Compaction area3,025 sq. ft. / hour
Percussion rateUp to 720 blows / min