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K770 SmartGuard Gas 14" Husqvarna Power Cutter

SKU: 970460002

Husqvarna K770 equipped with SmartGuard an extended blade guard design which reduces possibility of accidents and situations when kickback may occur as it emphasizes correct technique and correct cutting zone.  Suitable for road work and easy to cut in a straight or curved track or close to sidewalk. 

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Ace Cutting has this saw prepped before shipping.  We try our best to adjust the carburetor to meet the location / elevation being shipped.  This assures us to see defects or problems before shipping.  Our technicians run the saw, empty the fuel and fit back into original packaging. 


  • Enhanced Safety when cutting hard materials in confined spaces such as pipe cutting


  • SmartTension, semi-automatic belt tensioning
  • Easy to inspect 
  • Optimized engine performance and 5% fuel savings through new efficient cylinder design, digital ignition system and X-Torq engine technology
  • DEX, dust suppression system, makes it easy to ensure dust is reduced while minimizing water consumption and slurry
  • 1-year warranty


Blade, in 14"
Cutting depth, in 5"
Power, hp 5

Weight without fuel and blade, lbs


More Info and Description

The Husqvarna K770 saw is a 2-stroke gas engine with 50:1 gas-oil mix.  Able to hold a 14" blade for 5" depth of cut, with a 5 HP engine it is good power for general cutting.  If speed is necessary or material being cut is very hard, consider the Husqvarna K970-14" for additional power.  

One thing we like to mention to our customers is the option for a KV-7 cart offered to fit this K770 saw.  Some customers like this for green sawing however the vibration at blade while mounted on cart can leave joint spalling.  See our Soff Cut 150 for early entry green concrete sawing.  We also want our customers aware that putting a saw on a cart can reduce the "feel" an operator has while saw cutting.  Not allowing them to know when they need to back off makes it easier to push this 5 HP saw too much.  

Another new feature is the universal bushing on bladeshaft.  In the past contractors always needed to make sure they have the correct size center hole arbor for blade to fit saw.  With the new Husqvarna saws, there is a bushing that can be easily removed.  One side fits a 1" arbor and the other side fits 20mm.  This allows operator to always have ability to fit their blade with a universal 2-sided bushing.  


Blade, in (mm)14" (350)
Cutting depth, in (mm)5" (127)
Power, hp (kw)5 (3.7)
Arbor size, in (mm)1" (25) / reversible 20mm 
Displacement, cu in (cc)4.48 (74)
Power / weight ratio, hp/lbs.24 / .23
Weight, without fuel or blade, lbs21.6
Fuel Capacity, qt.95
Air-cooled 2-stroke engineYes
Active air filtrationYes
Fuel indicator in the tankYes
Easy adjust blade guardYes
Wet KitYes
Replaceable arbor bushingYes
Sound power level lwa, db115
Sound pressure level, db101


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