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Husqvarna G1420 Yellow Soft Elite Grind Series 3-Pack

SKU: 501899901

Husqvarna Elite-Grind G 1420 series come in 3-pack only.  Choose between 20-100 grit diamonds with single or double segment options.  Improved production on the floor from previous series, new one shape for each grit size to easily identify each tool.  

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  • Sold in 3-packs
  • Soft bond, made for hard surfaces
  • Grit options from 20 / 30 / 50 / 100
  • Optional single or double segment 
  • 13mm segment height


  • Changing the size of the diamond grit to a smaller particle / grit size will affect the performance of the diamond tool in the following ways:
  • Working with a single segment will increase the pressure on each segment.  
  • Working with a double segment will decrease the pressure on each segment, reducing the wear rate on the diamond segments.  This will lead to a smoother scratch pattern, and will also reduce the load on the machine. 
  • Half Set Diamonds placed at three alternating positions on the diamond holder disc (diamonds at four alternating positions).
  • Full Set Diamonds placed at each of the six positions on the diamond holder disc (diamonds at all eight positions). 
  • Power and Weight - The power of the machine is a very important factor.  A more powerful machine enables the operator to choose harder bond tools.