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Husqvarna Elite-Polish EP D Series Resin Polishing Pads 3-Pack

SKU: 546157001

Elite-Polish EP D is an exceptional tool designed to meet the needs of
demanding professionals looking for the highest gloss results. The
complete range of specific resin options provides the flexibility to
achieve maximum gloss with fewer steps. The high cage surrounding the
resin segment enhances the tool's longevity, ensuring an extended
lifespan. Simplify and accelerate the tool change process with our
EZchange™ attachment system, enabling quick and convenient transitions
between tools.

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  • Sold in 3-packs
  • Grit options from 40 - 3000
  • EZchange Connector
  • Can be used wet or dry


Husqvarna's EZ tool system for polishing concrete comprises five series of resin-bond diamond tools with different features to match your needs, and the requirements of your floor. The EP D series is designed for use with the EZchange™ CLASSIC tool holder & covers eight grit sizes, #30 - #3000. The best polished floors require skill - and the best tools. In Husqvarna's diamond tool laboratories, a whole crew of engineers have pushed resin innovation to a new level - all to maximize performance and increase user-friendliness.



EP D Series - 3 Piece SetColorConnectorCoolantGrit Size
EP 30 D - 546157001GreyEZchangeWet / Dry30
EP 50 D - 546157002BrownEZchangeWet / Dry50
EP 100 D - 546157003BlackEZchangeWet / Dry100
EP 200 D - 546157004BlueEZchangeWet / Dry200
EP 400 D - 546157005RedEZchangeWet / Dry400
EP 800 D - 546157006WhiteEZchangeWet / Dry800
EP 1500 D - 546157007YellowEZchangeWet / Dry1500
EP 3000 D - 546157008GreenEZchangeWet / Dry3000