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Husqvarna EZ SP Series 3-Pack

SKU: 546157001

The EZ SP Series (Super Polishing) is an all-round polishing series capable of reaching high gloss levels. With grit sizes from 40-3000, these pads are great for most all concrete polishing applications. EZ SP Series can be used with PG450, PG510, PG540, PG690, and PG830 machines.

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  • Sold in 3-packs
  • Grit options from 40 - 3000
  • EZchange Connector
  • Can be used wet or dry


Husqvarna's EZ tool system for polishing concrete comprises five series of resin-bond diamond tools with different features to match your needs, and the requirements of your floor. The EZ SP series is designed for use with the EZchange™ CLASSIC tool holder & covers eight grit sizes, #40 - #3000. The best polished floors require skill - and the best tools. In Husqvarna's diamond tool laboratories, a whole crew of engineers have pushed resin innovation to a new level - all to maximize performance and increase user-friendliness.



EZ SP Series - 3 Piece SetColorConnectorCoolantGrit Size
EZ SP 3 - 546157001GreyEZchangeWet / Dry40
EZ SP 4 - 546157002BrownEZchangeWet / Dry80
EZ SP 5 - 546157003BlackEZchangeWet / Dry100
EZ SP 6 - 546157004BlueEZchangeWet / Dry200
EZ SP 7 - 546157005RedEZchangeWet / Dry400
EZ SP 8 - 546157006WhiteEZchangeWet / Dry800
EZ SP 9 - 546157007YellowEZchangeWet / Dry1500
EZ SP 10 - 546157008GreenEZchangeWet / Dry3000