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There’s no one right drill for every coring job any more than there’s one hammer right for pounding all types of nails. But a quick assessment of your typical job requirements will at least put you on the right track so you don’t end up buying a tack hammer to drive railroad spikes.

For most contractors, a good 3-speed hand-held wet coring drill will do the job. It needs to be light and comfortable enough to use freehand for small jobs, but powerful enough to cut larger cores if needed.

The Weka DK12 Hand-Held Core Drill is a 14-amp 115-volt 9-speed wet-cutting drill that will power 3” bits hand-held or up to 6” bits rig-mounted. It has thermal overload protection, weighs just 20 pounds and has a side handle for stability plus two leveling bubbles for accurate cutting.

Even cutting smaller cores can create quite a bit of torque, depending on the material you’re cutting and the depth of the cut, so a safer, less fatiguing, and more accurate way to cut is with a drilling rig. It makes all jobs easier and is a must when cutting larger diameter cores. The Diamond Products M4 Combination Drill Rig pairs easily with the Weka DK12 for a cutting setup that’s widely praised as the industry’s best. The M4 is also adaptable to several other drill motors, if desired.

Core drills also come in air- and hydraulic-powered models if an electric drill isn’t right for your job site. Electricity and water don’t play well together, and heavy-duty cutting may call for a hydraulic motor.

Don’t overlook the need to match your core drilling bits to the material you’re cutting, either. Even concrete mixes can vary enough in composition to affect bit choice.

Confused about the motor, rig, and bit choice that’s right for you? The pros at Ace Cutting Equipment can help, and they’re just a phone call or email away. And whatever your concrete cutting, coring, and finishing requirements may be, always remember that equipment and tools from Ace Cutting Equipment are your choice for a professional job with results you’ll be proud to show off.