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If your project involves removing old concrete, save the time and cost of hauling it away by reusing it.

Before you tear out a concrete driveway or patio, give some thought to how the old paving can be used in other landscaping projects. A little forward-thinking could result in fantastic ideas that mean profitable extra work for you along with significant cost savings for both you and your customer.

We all know that concrete blocks and pavers are great choices for stepping stones, retaining walls and garden bed borders. So why not take advantage of materials you already have onsite that would otherwise be hauled away to a landfill? Instead of breaking up old concrete willy-nilly, use your hand-held or walk-behind saws to score the pavement in sizes and shapes appropriate to the project and use the scoring to guide fractures during demolition. For random shapes, jackhammers or sledges will do the job, with maybe a little guidance from chisels or drilled holes.

Even mesh-reinforced concrete can be repurposed if cut or broken with reusing it in mind. As you break it up, the scored or hammered sections may release from the mesh, or they can be separated with a little encouragement from chisels.

A driveway or large patio can have plenty of concrete to reuse, so don’t overlook this source of free material. For ideas on using repurposed concrete in landscaping projects, take a look at some of the ways it has been done here.

Springtime is the kickoff for yard and garden projects and using the right tools ensure results you’ll be proud to show off. Whatever your concrete cutting and coring requirements may be, equipment and tools from Ace Cutting Equipment are your choice for top-quality results.