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Even with Daylight Savings Time, it’s often still dark out when arriving at the worksite in the morning.  By the time you’re done hosing off your concrete equipment at the end of the day, it's dark again already, particularly at this time of year.  If you’re working a civil transportation project, you’re likely working at night.

If you’re looking for the perfect companion generator to run hand-held concrete power tools and task lights, check out the CAT RP3600 generator.

It’s the smallest and least expensive generator of the CAT RP series, yet still puts out a solid 3600 watts (4500 watts starting power).  It has a fuel efficient 212cc OHV engine, and you can get up to 12.5 hours run time at 50% load on a single tank of fuel (4-1/2 gallons).  When the project deadline is too close and the day’s work has to run into the evening, this generator can keep grinding through along with you.

This one is great for when you have to stay within night-time construction noise ordinances, as the CAT RP3600 is on the quieter side.  It also offers a handful of features that show that CAT is still on top of their game when it comes to innovation and putting the end-users like concrete workers first when they design products.

First of all, this thing is built tough.  Yes, it’s what we expect from CAT, and the heavy-duty frame, never-flat wheels and all-steel construction of the RP3600 don’t disappoint.  However, this generator also includes a padded, double-hinged locking handle to make it a little more comfortable to drag around the worksite.  It also has enhanced safety features like covered wiring and added GFCI protection, along with automatic low-oil shutdown (no worries about your crew burning it out).  The air filter even has an easy access door to make maintenance a little easier.

The RP3600 generator has a well organized control cluster, located at the top of one end.  This puts the controls easily out of the way while requiring less bending and hunting around for things.  Unlike some generators that have the fuel shut-off up under the fuel tank and the choke somewhere separate from the on-off switch, CAT has it all together on one panel.  Another feature that makes it extra handy on projects on a night schedule is that the instrument cluster includes LED lights that illuminate it.

The CAT RP3600 is so easy to start that I think my 6-year old niece could fire it up; It’ll be a breeze for you.

Do you like to hedge your bets?  This generator’s standard 2-year warranty is EXTENDED to a 3-year warranty if you complete your warranty registration within 30 days of purchase.

 Additional features include:

  - 4 x 20A 120 VAC outlets with Snap-Fit Covers - prevent moisture and concrete dust from getting in.

  - 1 x 30A 120/240 VAC outlet (RV Receptacle)

  - 4 in 1 Digital Display for Voltage, Frequency, Running Hours & Total Hours 

To get this model today, click here. If you need more power for heavier equipment - with the same quality construction and convenient features - check out additional CAT RP-line generator models

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