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Remember the first Terminator movie? It was crystal clear with the first viewing that the robots were going to come with intent to destroy us.

At least in the case of concrete tools and equipment, that doesn’t seem to be the case, yet.

Minnich offers a remote-controlled, robot-like concrete-drilling machine that started out as specialty drill but is becoming the standard solution as more states require temporary concrete barriers to be pinned.

The Minnich A-5SCW is an on-slab, self-propelled wireless unit with power steering and brakes with an auto control system. It provides optimal productivity and safety at is rides atop of the barrier slab and makes concrete drilling holes for pins easy.

This 50-lb. pneumatic drill rides on a three-wheeled frame. Tired of bending and squatting down? Need a little less wear and tear on your body? This tool is self-propelled! It uses air motor power, crab steering and a wireless control system.

The Minnich A-5SCW offers two drilling positions, vertical and horizontal with manual E-Height adjustment for various slab depths. It’s capable of towing an air compressor, has auto control and, again, wireless control.

This barrier wall drill saves you so much time through its efficiency that – if you work with barrier walls regularly – this product really pays for itself quickly.

Here are a few more specifications:

  • Max Drill Depth – 18”
  • Max Drill Width – 48”
  • Drill Bit Diameter – 0.625” to 2.5”
  • Drill Distance from Top of Slab – 3.5” to 12.0”
  • Drill Steel Length – 24” Under Collar
  • SCFM Required – 92.2
  • PSIG Required – 110

Particularly if you’ve been concrete drilling barriers by hand, you’ll be amazed how much time this concrete barrier drill will save you. Meanwhile, here’s a tip on saving time from a concrete contracting company project manager and estimator:  Do whatever you can off-site before the project breaks ground.

“Try to get rebar and other supplies ordered job-specific, for example,” he explained.  “Pre-bend rebar and organize barrier pins and other supplies offsite before breaking ground. Less time having to touch something means more money in the pocket.”

Meanwhile, the Minnich A-5SCW can save your crew time and many a pain in the back.  Imagine simply following behind the machine with the remote control, watching as it does the back-breaking labor and you save days on the project.

You can learn more about this unique, state-of-the-art time saver here. Leave worrying about the bad robots to Sarah Connor, and make friends with the Minnich A-5SCW.