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Sometimes just scrubbing a concrete surface isn’t enough to get it ready for finishing, polishes or coatings. That’s when polycrystalline diamonds (or PCDs, for short) come to the rescue.

Heavy coatings, glues, mastics, thin-set and paint are some of the biggest challenges in resurfacing jobs. Heavy grinders and scarifiers leave grooves and deep scratch patterns, only adding to the work—if they even get all the gunk off in the first place. What’s needed is a way to remove the surface materials aggressively with as little damage to the concrete as possible.

Piranha PCD grinding tools by Husqvarna are designed to fit the bill. Used in conjunction with Husqvarna PG series floor grinders, Piranha PCD grinding tools are the most effective, aggressive and longest-lasting solution for the removal of most tough coatings.

Piranha PCDs have synthetic diamond particles bonded to a strong and durable tungsten carbide substrate that can be re-tipped for maximum cost effectiveness. Single and double quarter-round G11XID PCDs are available for use with Husqvarna Redi-Lock machines or as bolt-ons for other applications. They remove tough coatings, screeds, and adhesives while leaving a manageable scratch pattern that can be smoothed down quickly and easily with 20- or 30-grit diamond polishers.

Husqvarna PCDs are a versatile, economical way to smooth out tough finishing jobs both large and small. They ensure a professional job with results you’ll be proud to show off.

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