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It’s hard to imagine a job site without a generator. Even when onsite power is available, it may not be located where you need it or sufficient to run your gear. So how do you pick the right generator for the work you do?

Start with a list, then do some math.

Make a list of the tools you’ll want to run off the generator. Are they simple hand tools like a circular saw or are they heavy-duty like pumps or welders? Will multiple tools be used at a time?

Take that list and write down the wattage required for each tool. If you’ll be running lights, fans or heaters, count them, too. Be sure to note the startup wattage because some tools like a circular saw or anything with a powerful motor can pull as much as four times its operating power to start up. Then add up the total number of watts you’ll pull at peak load, allow for some reserve, and you’ll have the wattage rating for the generator you need. Generator output is often given in kilowatts (KW), or 1,000-watt increments. If your tools are listed in horsepower or amps, you can convert those measurements to watts with a couple of simple calculations:

1 hp = 746 watts         Amps x volts = watts

Check for Features You Need…And Ones You Don’t

Just like so many other things, generators come in a range of prices and features. Quality is one feature worth paying for. Well-built and well-designed equipment pays for itself, so don’t skip on those features. Two other factors that can affect generator prices are noise and “clean” power.

It’s hard to communicate over the sound of a loud motor, and they can lead to mistakes and accidents, not to mention possible hearing damage and complaints from neighbors. Look for a generator with large mufflers, noise-suppressing air cleaners and automatic idle control that slows the engine when it’s not under load. If noise levels need to be minimized, look into an inverter generator. They run extremely quietly and offer the further benefit of producing “clean” power.

“Clean power” isn’t about air quality, it’s about voltage spikes that can damage sensitive equipment like electronics. Most construction equipment does fine with capacitor-type generators, but if you’re running sensitive equipment like computers or electronic testing equipment, you may want an inverter generator. It has to do with sine waves and harmonic distortion. Ask if you need it and don’t pay for it unless you do.

Buy From People Who Know Their Products

Sine-wave distortion or not, you’ll get the generator you need at the best price when you deal with a reputable source that knows its products.

At Ace Cutting Equipment, our people know how to match you with the generator that’s right for you. We sell only top-quality generators made by industry leaders Tsurumi and Subaru.

Tsurumi TPG-series generators are designed to withstand the severe conditions of construction jobsites or industrial applications, especially where extra durability and dependable, stable power are required. All Tsurumi generators are powered by fuel-efficient Honda OHV gasoline engines with built-in low oil alert systems and they meet all EPA evaporative emission regulations and OSHA job-site standards. They feature high-capacity fuel tanks for extended run time and large mufflers along with spark arrestors for quite operation.

Ace Cutting Equipment offers four Tsurumi TPG generators ranging from the 120-volt, 2600-watt max TPG4-3000 HDX to the super powerful 120/240 volt TPG4-7000HDX with a maximum 6800-watt output and optional electric starter.

Subaru SGX generators are commercial-grade powerhouses that deliver stable 120/240 volt energy output ranging up to 7500 watts. Top-grade components ensure long-lasting, reliable power in Subaru’s recently updated line. Wheel kits are included and they are EPA- and CARB-compliant and are backed with an industry-leading 3-year limited warranty.

The Subaru SGX 5000 Power Generator has a max output of 4900 watts with an electronic ignition system and automatic decompression for easy starting every time at every temperature. The SGX 7500 delivers a whopping 7500 watts of peak output with a user-friendly control panel, built in hour meter tracking run time. Its durable high-performance alternators use full copper windings for long-lasting performance.

Ace Cutting Equipment has over 100 years’ combined work experience at your service to help in choosing the right generator and cutting tools for your job. We stay up on the latest industry developments to meet our customers’ needs.

Visit our newly designed web site,, to see the many ways our American-owned family business is always on the cutting edge when it comes to equipment and supplies for the concrete and masonry cutting industry.