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Diamond Blades are available in seemingly-countless varieties, forms, bond forms, and production methods. As professional concrete contractors know from their daily experience building structures that last, diamond blades are utilized in at least a baker's dozen applications day in and day out on the average worksite.

If we know how diamond blades work, we’ll have deeper understanding when we read the product specifications of different blades we’re considering for our next project.

How Diamond Blades Work

A diamond blade is a cutting tool that has exposed diamond particles captured in a metallic matrix each with a little cutting edge. Diamond blades are normally made with a metal core or totally impregnated with diamond. Throughout the diamond cutting operation, the surface rate could reach 30 m/sec, when utilizing a high-speed diamond concrete cutting saw or masonry cutting saw. 

This speed is quicker than many cars operating on a highway. The cutting action is done by accumulation of little chips scraped out from the many diamond particles impeded from the bond.

The number of cutting edges is comprised of the number of diamonds that make up the construction of the diamond blade, together in its matrix. The size of a diamond particle may have a direct result in the size or speed of the cut you can make. The thickness of the diamond blade will determine the width of the cut. 

Consequently, diamond blade choice together with feed rate, cutting speed, and depth of cut ultimately will determine your diamond sawing success.

With all of that in mind, please enjoy the following. For professional-grade blades that last, check out these pro diamond blades.

Be sure to read through the specifications. Also consider if you’re using it for a one-time project, the size of the project, or if you’re a professional concrete contractor, then consider a quality, professional-grade diamond blade through Ace Cutting & Supply.

If you want an all-around hard worker, like yourself, consider the NXS Series from Husqvarna.NXS blades cut metal, concrete, stone, rebar and brick/block.  This blade incorporates a thicker, electroplated core with cooling holes for protection during deep cutting, with an extremely fast turbo segment. Total segment height of this blade is .200" diamond depth.

If you’re a little tighter on budget, consider the Standard Gold High Speed Diamond Blade from Diamond Products for use on hand saws, masonry or a low HP walk behind.  These blades offer good diamond quality for general cutting. Right through the selection drop-down boxes on the page, you can build your own blade by letting us know what material you’re cutting and the blade diameter so we can customize it accordingly, assuring your cutting needs are always met. 

Lastly, if you’re in little more of a pinch, yet still need a quality blade that lasts longer than the homecenter variety, consider the Orange Crush line from Husqvarna. It’s a good general-purpose diamond blade, and can be used for wet or dry cutting of concrete, brick, block, limestone and other materials.

As always, Ace Cutting & Supply has your back, no matter your particular concrete equipment, masonry equipment tool or other related accessory need.