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There’s no need to buy, rent, or borrow a monster saw if you only have an occasional need for deep cuts. The Husqvarna K3000 uses a clever two-blade arbor to let you make parallel cuts about an inch apart with 9” blades and break away the core. Using this technique, it’s possible to make cuts up to 16” deep with a lightweight, easy-to use-saw.

The Husqvarna K3000 lets you make deep cuts in cast concrete, blocks, and pavers for window openings, pipe trenches and other needs while maintaining the precision of a smaller saw. It’s ideal for openings and cutouts where you want to avoid overcutting corners. Its adjustable blade guard lets you make tight flush cuts on floors and walls, and its ergonomic design dampens vibration and makes it easy to use, reducing operator fatigue.

The Husqvarna K3000’s powerful 1800-watt electric motor makes it a perfect choice for indoor work where exhaust fumes and noise of a gasoline-powered saw would be a problem. Its advanced Elgard™ electronic overload protection varies the blade speed to warn of an impending overload, saving the hassle of tracking down and resetting tripped breakers.

For wet cutting applications, the K3000 can be adapted with a Husqvarna WT 15 4-gallon water tank equipped with a battery-powered pump or a hand-pumped 3.5-gallon tank, both of which connect to the saw’s wet cutting kit.

The Husqvarna K3000 Cut-n-Break Electric Power Cutter is a versatile, economical saw for concrete cutting jobs large and small. It ensures a professional job and results you’ll be proud to show off.

Whatever your concrete cutting, coring, and finishing requirements may be, equipment and tools from Ace Cutting Equipment are your choice for top-quality results.