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Concrete driveways can need repairs for a number of reasons. Maybe the original contractor didn’t prepare the subgrade properly or used the wrong concrete mix. Mother Nature could be the culprit with freeze-thaw cycles in severe weather areas. Or the homeowner or landscaper planted trees too close or installed a poorly designed irrigation system. Whatever the cause, it’s your job to make it beautiful again. Fortunately, there are many ways to do it and look like a hero without an expensive tear-out.

The first place to start is with an assessment of what caused the problem and then plan your repairs to prevent it from happening again. Short of a total tear-out, your repairs may involve:

  • Slabjacking
    If the driveway has sunk due to poor subgrading or erosion, you may be able to pump a mixture of sand, cement and other ingredients under it raise the slab back to its original position.
  • Concrete Resurfacing
    Proper surface prep is key to success. Resurfacing is also a great opportunity to upgrade the driveway’s look with a decorative overlay pattern or by adding color.
  • Concrete Engraving
    Rather than fussing with multiple minor cracks, turn them into the start of a decorative pattern by using a routing machine and stain to create a new design.
  • Recoloring the Concrete
    Properly treated oil spills and other stains as well as weathered or faded pigmentation can be used as part of a multi-layered look by adding a fresh coat of stain and a UV sealer for a fresh new appearance.

For more information about driveway repair options along with design ideas and pictures, take a look at this article on

And keep in mind that the right tools and equipment make you and your work look professional and make the job easier. Whatever your concrete finishing, cutting and coring requirements may be, equipment and tools from Ace Cutting Equipment are your choice for top-quality results.