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Concrete driveways are tough, but they need care and maintenance for maximum longevity and continued good looks…just like anything else. Make sure your customers know a few simple steps to keep them happy, generate referrals, and have them call you when work needs to be done.

Use these tips to make a maintenance list as a leave-behind reminder that you care and that you’re ready when help is needed.

Keep it Clean

Dirt and debris can grind away at concrete, ruining its looks and shortening its life. Leaves, seeds, and other organic matter can degrade sealers and leave marks and stains. Oil, fuel, and grease not only stain the pavement, but can leach into the concrete and cause it to deteriorate, as can some fertilizers and deicing compounds.

Sweep away loose materials and treat grease and chemical spills to keep your driveway looking great.

Reapply Sealers and Colorants Periodically

Sealers not only protect your concrete, but make it easier to clean as well. But they can’t do their job if they’re worn away. Weather, sun, and dirt are the worst enemies. For best performance, sealers should be reapplied every two years or so or any time the finish begins to show wear. The same goes for decorative stains and other finishes.

Resealing can be a DIY project if done carefully, but staining and decorative finishes are best handled by a pro for best results.

Treat it with Care

Concrete is one of the most durable paving materials, but it’s not indestructible. Most residential driveways aren’t designed to support heavy vehicles like large moving vans and construction equipment. Chemicals can react with the concrete, so clean up spills quickly and avoid deicing compounds unless they’re clearly safe for concrete (most aren’t). And metal blades on shovels or plows can leave ugly scratches and scrapes that let damaging elements in. Shovels and snow blowers with softer blades or augers that don’t contact the pavement will add life to your driveway.

Helping your customers keep their driveways looking good builds loyalty and referrals. And using the right techniques and tools ensure a professional job and results you’ll be proud to show off. Whatever your concrete finishing, cutting and coring requirements may be, equipment and tools from Ace Cutting Equipment are your choice for top-quality results.

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