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Driveways make a statement about a home’s design. Good esthetics and construction add to its appeal and make a strong, positive statement about the company that built it. Boring slabs are…boring. But a little planning and attention to detail is all it takes to build a driveway that adds to a home’s character, its curb appeal, and generates referrals for future business.

Planning starts with a check of local codes and neighborhood covenants. Then calculate the length and width needed to accommodate the vehicles that will be using the driveway. If space permits, allow extra room for walking around the vehicles and turnarounds on longer driveways. Break up the monotony of large areas with stamped or textured banding on the edges and across long stretches of pavement. And be sure to include adequate pathways to the home’s entrance. Don’t make guests cross wet lawns or enter through the garage!

When laying out the path of the driveway and walks, be sure to consider utilities like plumbing, sprinklers, and electrical conduits. The homeowner will thank you if you plan for future needs by planting an extra PVC chase or two so they don’t have to bust up your work down the road. Just be sure to cap them and give the owner a schematic so they know where the pipes are buried. And speaking of underground fixtures, be sure to protect sprinkler heads adjacent to the driveway from careless drivers.Take extra pains to ensure the slope and grading are appropriate for drainage, paying particular attention the apron and curb cut to avoid high spots that can scrape the bottom of low-slung vehicles. Then lay a properly prepared subgrade, taking expansive soils and frost heave into account, and pour the appropriate mix with the right reinforcement and control joints and you’ll have a driveway that will last for years and add value to the property.For more information on driveway planning and designs, check out this article on And review driveway construction best practices here.

And always remember that whether you’re building driveways or dormitories, using the right tools ensures results you’ll be proud to show off. Whatever your concrete finishing, cutting and coring requirements may be, equipment and tools from Ace Cutting Equipment are your choice for top-quality results.