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Pre-Owned Makinex 16KW 480V Generator

SKU: U-GEN-16P-MS-480

The Makinex 16kW 480V generator is a highly portable, 3-phase and single phase unit. Runs light and heavy duty equipment all together. Robust, powerful, and reliable for providing power to equipment and tools. Equipped with a reliable Honda GX690 4-stroke gas engine.

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Makinex Power is Compact, Lightweight and Dual Phase!

  • Avoid all the hassle of a large tow-behind heavy-duty generator.  The 16kW 480V is so compact it fits in your equipment trailer or truck and gets through standard doorways.
  • Using permanent-magnet brushless alternator technology and totally independent circuits for 120V and 480V.  This guarantees clean 480V three-phase power that is completely unaffected by the load on the 120V circuit during simultaneous 120V/480V operation.
  • Advanced alternator features yield 15% more power from the same engine than is possible with conventional copper-wound alternators while requiring fewer electronic components.  This makes for less wear and tear and added lifespan.
  • Equipped with industry-standard 50A, 30A, and 20A outlets, the 16kW 480V can power multiple pieces of single-phase and 480V three-phase equipment at the same time with no requirement for voltage selection.  Just plug equipment into the right outlet and power it up!
  • Powered by reliable Honda GX690 4-stroke engine - delivers great fuel economy, low emissions and perfectly balanced engine with low vibrations.

Top Reasons to Choose Makinex Generators

  • All Makinex products are designed and built to endure the rigors of the hire market.
  • Advanced alternator tech saves 15% fuel versus similar generators using the same engine
  • Makinex stands behind its products with technical support, servicing and spares.
  • Designed for maximum convenience and ease for concrete, masonry and flooring pros.


Rated Output12,500W
Max Output16,000W
Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage120V/480V + 480V-3ph
Sockets120V GFCI receptacle/480 3-ph receptacle (30 amp)
Weight342 lbs.
Noise level No Load - 72dB
50% Load - 76dB
100% Load - 78dB
EngineHonda GX690
Starting SystemElectric Key Start
Engine Fuel Economy0.92 gallon @ 50% Load
Run Time10 hours @ 50% load
Dimension (LxWxH)30.4 in x 20.8  in x 35.5 in