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ACE Blog

Common sense should be the overarching theme when using power tools.

The value of top of the line tools can’t be understated for any project. Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance can extend the life of your power tools and improve the quality of your project.

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Walkin’ The Talk

Since the worrisome findings in the 2017 U.S. Infrastructure Report Card issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers, few or no steps have been taken to actually begin repairs. Our crumbling dams, bridges and airports need to be repaired or rebuilt, requiring massive quantities of concrete.

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To Your Health: New Rules for an Old Enemy

In 1705, doctors described lungs containing “heaps of sand” in people who died of silicosis, caused by overexposure to crystalline silica. As early as the 1920s, doctors and scientists believed that working with asbestos was hazardous and could lead to severe lung disease.

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